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Our Services

Trust Services

As the corporate Trustee of a trust account, Canopy Trust can handle financially related matters, ranging from record-keeping to bill payment to processing tax returns, based on the needs and requested provisions of you, the client.  We can also provide the expertise needed to invest and protect your assets, as well as furnish the financial resources for your expenses for years to come.

Estate Settlement

Serving as executor of an estate is often complex and time consuming.  Many of the matters are too sensitive for a grieving family member or relative to be burdened with.  We will take the burden and responsibility from our client’s family by guiding and counseling them through this difficult period in their lives.

Tax Consulting

Tax services are especially critical to closely-held businesses that require special considerations based on their respective business models. In today’s changing business environment, advance tax and business planning is vital to the success of any company.

Canopy Trust supports its clients with services that help them achieve their business goals including tax preparation and compliance. You don’t need to add a tax department to your company to succeed. We can become an extension of your management team, thus making tax and business services a seamless part of your business.

Asset Management

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